About Mama Fiya Tarot

My name is Melissa Sue Vieira and I am the founder of Mama Fiya Tarot LLC. I began reading tarot in 1999 when I was in college. Much of my training was done on national hotlines where I spoke to people from all over the world. I’ve assisted thousands of people in finding solace in very hard times, navigating difficult relationships, providing spiritual counseling, and helping clients speak to their loved ones who have passed on. After much support and encouragement from my friends, I began reading professionally and opened my own business, which provides many different services.  My hope is that Mama Fiya Tarot LLC  can be a source of insight, support, and healing for you. 

Tarot Readings

Tarot is used as a means to navigate the events in your life – past, present, and future, through the use of a Tarot Card deck. You may be wondering how drawing cards randomly from a deck could have any relevance in your life. The cards will provide guidance and understanding with life choices, events, and in times of difficulty or need.

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Medium ReadingS

A medium is able to connect and communicate with loved ones who have passed away. During these readings, I act as the connecting link between you and your loved ones who have passed on. Taking part in a reading can be an extremely healing experience, often filled with a wide variety of emotions.

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Distance Reiki sessions are a great way to cleanse the chakra system and any areas of interest or concern that you need to focus on. We will consult our spirit guides and go into a deep meditation together before each session.

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Crystal Healing

During a crystal reading and healing session, the crystal decks are used to figure out the best crystals to assist you in healing. We will go over the chakras and discuss the best ways to utilize the crystals that I recommend, as well as where you can go to get what you need. You will get recommendations of at least seven to ten crystals, one for each chakra, and any additional suggestions for energetic protection and overall well-being.

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Spiritual Development Courses

As someone who has been obsessed with astrology since the age of ten, yoga by sixteen and tarot by nineteen, I’ve performed hundreds of thousands of tarot readings and was recently certified as a Reiki Master. My decades of study and practice have made it possible for me to now pass this knowledge down to you. Currently I have seven courses for sale through my Ribbon channel.

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Melissa Sue Vieira

My name is Melissa Sue Vieira and I began studying  tarot when I was 19 years old. My fascination and connection to it only grew from there. We all search for answers in our lives and I always felt that I was on this personal quest to understand why I was here and placed in the life that I am living. Throughout my life I’ve always had a guiding presence within me, a voice that was not my own, which provided a sense of insight beyond my own knowledge. After struggling with my own difficulties, I reflected on the reasoning behind those experiences and found my purpose within them. My hope is that I can use my gifts as a tool to help others navigate their path to physical and emotional healing. 


“Melissa is Amazing! Not only is she down to earth and relatable, but she is also spot on with her readings. She was hands down my best tarot reader! I took away a lot of good insights from my reading with her and I’m looking forward to more readings in the future. You will not be disappointed if you book with Melissa.”

– Erin O’Connor


“Melissa is my go-to tarot reader. I appreciate her authenticity, empathy, and candor during her delivery of information. She is highly intuitive, and provides insights on what she gets psychically through the lenses of healing and growth. I appreciate her delivering messages which are relevant and what I need to hear. Melissa is a down-to-earth and is relatable to as a person. She is open to speaking about tough topics and is always respectful and encouraging.”

– Maureen


“Melissa is one of those rare psychic/tarot card readers who has simply made me gasp at some of the things she has picked up with accuracy. The number of times I have said “How did you know?” is mind-boggling. (She’s a GIFTED psychic, that’s how she knows!). Aside from her gifts though, she is single-handedly the most caring, compassionate, loving human that works with you at every level. She gives great advice and is immediately vested in your question, your story, your challenge. I would be lost without her in one of the most challenging years of my life. Do yourself a favor and check her out! “

– Jay C.